The Camelot


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A Patent Applied For (PAF) style, made from 100% historically accurate parts and materials. German Nickel Silver frame , butyrate bobbins, 1022 steel alloy screws and slugs, Maple spacer, 42 AWG Plain Enamel coil wire, rough cast Alnico 4 magnets and (Optional) Bare Nickel cover, add $10 per pickup

Slightly mismatched coils for great audio dimension, scatter wound , which make these Pickups sound fantastic ! Very 3D , airy , with lots of bloom !
Neck – 7.3 K, Bridge 7.8 K.

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Bridge, Neck, Set


4 Wire Leads, Vintage Style 2 Wire Leads

Screw Bobbins

Black, Cream, White


Black, Cream, White


F-spaced 53mm, G-spaced 49.2mm, N/A – Buying Neck Only

Wax Potting

No Wax Potting, Wax Potting