Geppetto Bonham Skinner humbucker pickup set




Geppettos Bonham Skinner humbucker pickup set gets its name from the ” Bonham Skinner” auction house in Boston where it was sold at one point. This set is a painstaking recreation of possibly the best sounding guitar ive ever heard, Gibson 1959 Sunburst Les Paul” #9-1959. 9-1959 was first delivered to an Iowa Music store in 1960, it was also well cared for by Daves Guitars, and is currently in the possession of Joe Bonamassa. Bonham Skinner pickups come in double Black bobbins or covers in polished, bare or aged Nickel at no extra cost. Both the neck and bridge pickups are in the 8K range, with Alnico 3 magnets , giving them a smooth, creamy and lush sound .

I Love the sound of these pickups , and i think you’ll love them too!