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Custom, handmade, scatter wound, vintage style replacement pickups for Stratocasters and Telecasters.

A few words from Mike...

Each of the pickups I make are handmade and scatter wound by me personally. I assemble, wind, solder, attach leads, magnetically charge, wax pot and test each and every pickup that gets the Geppetto name on it. The pickups are the voice of the electric guitar and I make a pickup that, will hopefully inspire beautiful music, i'll give it the voice , you make it sing!

I make just two different types of pickup - Stratocaster and Telecaster style, but I do it well, I offer four different variations or models of each, but will make them to your exact specifications if you have specific needs or requirements. On the technical information page you'll be able to find detailed information on materials we use and our methods of construction, I strongly encourage reading this, it may cause you to think differently and might even help you to finally get the tone you've been chasing. On each pickup description I list "Vintage Correct", as well as "Mike's favorite", these are just options, not limits.

Geppetto pickups are a sincere passion of mine. Please try my pickups, I want you to love the sound of your guitar!

Mike O'Donoghue
Owner, Pilot, Co pilot, CEO, Purchasing Agent, Shop Foreman, Bus Boy,Jester and Chaplain.
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